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Welcome to TremFusion

TremFusion is a free software first person shooter. It is an outgrowth of Tremulous, which is based on ioquake3 game engine.

Here you should be able to find the most up-to-date information on TremFusion, the latest and greatest in ioquake3-based gaming! Below you'll find sections where you can learn more about the project, download the latest source and help to contribute.


If you're just here to download the latest version of TremFusion and start enjoying it right away, jump ahead to our Releases page. You can see our public announces on the Releases Announces page.

Project Information

A great deal of work is being put into this project around the clock from developers all over the world. As such, we generally discuss what our plans our in our IRC channel, irc.freenode.net #tremfusion. You can register for a login here at Trac and then throw in your two cents on our Features List. Also, we often have a vote or discussion going on. You can see the latest discussion on sv_pure at the vote page.

As features are finalized and more and more progress is made, we'll try to flesh out our Manual. That should contain information about gameplay, features, and how to use them.


The project is under free licence. See the Licences explication page.

Organization and Philosophy

For now, the best we have on this is the point of view of DaTosstt. We should not forget that our final goal is getting players.

What is Tremfusion Draft: Tremfusion

Source Code

You can immediately browse our source code via the button on the right ('Browse Source' - descriptive, eh?). We use a Mercurial system for managing our source code. If you don't know much about Mercurial and why its awesome, I suggest you head over to Mercurial's site to learn more about how it works. Basically, we chose Mercurial because it allows people to download our code repository and make changes locally without needing developer SVN access. Feel free to make changes and submit changesets - you just might get your code into our code.

After all of that, head over to the page on building from source for instructions on how to build the Automaty Hry Online game from there.


The TremFusion team welcomes contributions from anyone, anywhere. Below you can find ways in which we are seeking contributions, though we take anything we can get.


We have several different ways in which artists can contribute to TremFusion including static art, 3d textures, modeling, screenshots and product design. Go on over to our Contributing Artists page to find out more


We're always looking for more and better sound effects, including situational/thematic music and foley artists. Take a look at our Contributing Musicians page to find more on what we need and what's being done

Dev corner

Coders make up the heart and soul of this project, and we've got a lot for them to do as well. If makefiles make you randy, the Contributing Programmers page is the right place for you.


You can contribute with your ideas, your opinion, your bug report!